Robotic Camera Motion Systems

Email or call us: or 604-708-352 or 1-877-832-3476.

Please email us with the following information: What unit need repair, what the issues are, a photo of the unit that include the Serial Number and if its possible a video of the problem. Also please fill out our SRO Repair Order Form with as much detail as possible. Units that are within a year of their purchase date may be under warranty, please let us know in your email.

Service Repair Order (SRO) Sheet

We have made pre-made videos for how to fix most common problems, we will send any that are applicable in attempt for you to be able to fix the problem with your unit yourself or with a local repair shop. If none of the videos are applicable or the processes don’t work, it will most likely have to get sent here.

If you choose to send the unit here there will be a $225 assessment fee, this does not guarantee that we will be able to repair the unit, it is to inspect and diagnose what is wrong with the unit. After this assessment, a quote will be given for how much it will cost to fix. Should you choose to go ahead with the repairs the assessment fee will be included in the overall quote cost. If you choose not to get the unit repaired, then just the assessment fee will need to be paid then we will return your unit. If multiple units get sent in, you can choose to not get all units repaired, please let us know and we will adjust the quote for only the unit(s) you wish to be repaired.

Also please note the repairs for any product will take approximately two weeks but it can take longer depending on the issue. This time includes assessment and quoting time, getting parts if needed and the repair work and testing time. We will provide you with a Service Repair Order (SRO) number, please use this number for anything regarding the repairs.

When shipping the unit, make the value of the item low as it is considered broken, and this will help avoid unnecessary charges. Also please send the address and your shipping account number for us to send the unit back to you. You are responsible for all shipping costs including duties and taxes. If this is not done it will be charged back to you and may delay the return of your unit.

We will let you know once the unit have been received. We will then do the assessment as soon as we are able and send you the quote. We will not start repairs or ordering parts until you have decided if you would like to go ahead with repairs and the quote has been paid. The quote will be made through our online website and a link will be sent to you over email which you will be able to follow to pay online.

Place the SRO Form into the box with the unit and ship it to us with the SRO# on the outside of the box.
Shipping Address:
PLC Electronic Solutions Ltd.
9-3871 North Fraser Way
Burnaby, BC, V5J 5G6

You are responsible for all return shipping costs including Duties and Taxes. If this is not done it will be charged back to you and may delay the return of your unit.
HS Codes:
Cinematographic Camera Parts and Accessories 9007910000
DC Motor 8501312000
Cables 8544410000

To limit the Duties and Taxes you may have to pay note that it is Returning for Repair and place a low value on the unit.

Once the unit is received and repaired we will contact you for payment information.