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Hedén YMER-1 Lens Control System

YMER-3 wireless F/I/Z with LenSaver Calibration™

The Hedén Ymer-3 is a high-end wireless control system for Focus / Iris / Zoom that has been designed to be dependable. As you would expect from a Hedén product the motors and the motor control is very precise and direct with no lag.
The system has unique functions that make the system very easy to use, like:
LenSaver manual calibration, a much safer and easier way of manually calibrating.
Manual override that makes it possible for an operator to take manual control of the lens without removing the motor or recalibrating the system.
Lens mapping on focus, makes lens changes quick and easy. (
Mounting points on the transmitter makes it easy to attach other devices.
The motor control is very accurate and with the new Hedén motors M26VE-LX and LM30 the response and top speed is extremely fast, all in a small package and with high torque.
Lensmapping, on focus only and initially in feet.
The wireless transmission uses a very robust automatic frequency hopping technology without the need to set, and change channels manually. The range is up to 500 meters /1600 feet, line of sight.


YMER-3 with LenSaver Calibration™

YMER-3 with LenSaver Calibration™
Independent 3-channel F / I / Z control
Lens mapping function on focus, makes it quick to change lenses.
Large OLED display with great readability
Manual Override™ – the DP or Camera Operator can take manual control of the lens from the focus puller
Small 3-channel receiver
Wireless transmission up to 500 meters (1640 feet) line of sight via industry-leading wireless control allowing for the fastest response of any follow focus system on the market
Easy replaceable standard Sony battery with long operational life (not included)

Specifications (YMER-3 Hand unit):

Length (ex antenna): 174mm / 6 7/8” (incl. antenna): 205mm / 8 1/16”
Width: (incl focus knob) 136mm / 5 3/8”
Weight: 603g / 1.33lb (without battery)
Wireless transmission up to 500 meters (1640 feet) line of sight via industry-leading wireless control allowing for the fastest response of any long-range follow focus system on the market.
Power source: Sony NP-FM500H compatible battery (not included)

fSTOP V2-2B Receiver

The new fSTOP V2-2B 2-Channel BarTech Digital Receiver has many new enhancements such as:
-Super compact, lightweight 2-channel receiver – same size as our 1-channel receiver!
-DSP Core for ultra-precision motor control
-Wireless update rate of over 300 frames per second – fastest in the industry!
-16 bit High Resolution mode on par with industry standard systems that cost over CAD $30,000.00.
-Focus and Iris / Zoom control.
-Works with most standard Digital Motors ( Heden, Preston, M-One, Scorpio, and more )
-Automatic lens end stop calibration
-Manual calibration, DSLR lens compatibility for setting end stops on infinity rotating lenses
-Can easily set focus limits at the push of a button.
-Always super-fast motor response! No motor speed compromises at lower input voltages even down to 10 volts.
-Lens Calibration and current Position Memory up to 1 day after power down.T
Digital channel readout with receive signal strength indicator
Camera Run/Stop output
Full block auto polarity reverse technology – it does not matter what polarity you plug in.

PLC Bartech V2 2B Software Upgrade

Software Upgrade your PLC Bartech V2-2B Digital Receiver
Today we show you how to upgrade the software on your V2-2B Bartech Digital Receiver
using the PLC Bootloader Tool for your Windows PC.
For Mac users, please see our Mac-specific Video coming soon.

PLC BarTech Iris Slider Upgrade2

PLC Electronic Solutions BarTech BFD Handset Iris Slider Upgrade.
Now you can control both Iris and Focus with your BarTEch BFD Handset!